Modern monitoring & security

Enable developers, ops, security and compliance professionals to enforce security

policies across public and private code, and other data sources as well.

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Product suite

Find and fix sensitive information leaks on public GitHub

80% of corporate leaks on GitHub occur on developers’ personal repositories, well under their company's radar. Defend your developers’ public activity, anywhere on GitHub. Remediate data breaches within minutes, not months.

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Detect secrets in private source code

Detect sensitive information in your private version control system: API keys from over 200 API providers, database connection strings, SSL certificates, usernames and passwords, ...

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Easy setup. Peace of mind. Transparent.

Pioneering secrets detection technology

Effective detection takes a dedicated team. We’ve been pioneering the field for more than two years now. In total, this is more than 10 man years of R&D!

A broader spectrum than most

API keys from over 200 API providers, database connection strings, SSL certificates, usernames and passwords, copyrighted code… There’s a good chance we got your sensitive information covered!

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A virtuous circle

More than 400,000 alerts sent out so far. Continuous improvement thanks to our users’ implicit and explicit feedback.

Beyond keyword search

Sophisticated pattern matching techniques that go beyond keyword search to discover and maintain a comprehensive database of thousands of sensitive patterns, in every programming language.

Key figures

We've already helped 100 of the Fortune 500 find exposed secrets on GitHub.

400,000+ alerts sent out so far.

Securing your systems starts with securing your software development process. GitGuardian understands this, and they have built a pragmatic solution to an acute security problem. Their credentials monitoring system is a must-have for any serious organization.

Solomon Hykes,

Docker co-founder and CTO, investor at GitGuardian

Who's lending a hand

Scott Chacon


Solomon Hykes


Renaud Visage

Eventbrite co-founder