Prevent hackers from using GitHub as a backdoor to your business.

Choose GitGuardian to detect sensitive information leaked on the platform, within seconds.
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31M+ developers using GitHub. There were more new users in 2018 than during GitHub’s first six years combined!

GitGuardian identified publicly active developers for 100% of Fortune 500.

GitHub is amazing, but it is your blind spot

With over 31M developers using the platform, there’s a chance your developers use it too. Developers increasingly use Open Source to share their code, collaborate, and build amazing things.

This happens both on professional and personal projects. But GitHub is a blind spot for you...

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Your security perimeter must be redefined.

The eyes are now on security professionals to understand how information flows, instead of trying to control it.

Your developers have access to more sensitive information than you can keep track of. They are using devices and accounts you may, or may not own, publishing code you have no visibility over.

For these reasons, following Uber’s two well-known hacks, GitHub was identified as one of the most underestimated entry points into companies of all sizes.

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What if you had a solution that was:


Auto-discovering who your developers are on GitHub

Do you know who your developers are on GitHub?

You probably don’t.

For this reason, you won't necessarily know where to start looking for sensitive information leaks.


Monitoring under your radar activity

If your company has public repositories on GitHub, this is not the first place you should look for sensitive information.

80% of corporate leaks on GitHub occur on their developers’ personal repositories, well under their company's radar.

Yes, we’re talking about corporate leaks.


Alerting you in real-time

Having a real-time solution would allow you to arrive on the incident before hackers do, thus being proactive rather than reactive.


Transparent in what it is doing

Ask for proof points!

An ideal solution would provide a detailed list of every monitored developer, as well as logs of every single commit that was analyzed, the exact moment it was analyzed, and reproducible results of the scans.


Pioneering sensitive information detection

Some sensitive information is easier to find than others, especially prefixed API tokens that are strictly defined by a distinctive pattern. The majority of published credentials however, are difficult to identify from a single unambiguous “signature” keyword or pattern. Any solution based entirely on keyword matching would therefore miss a lot of leaked credentials.



Facing a leak can be a tough process that requires knowledge and speed. Being at the forefront of the issue, developers are generally your first responders.

Imagine empowering your developers with the first aid kit that would allow them to nullify most of the damage, in under an hour!

Our detection and remediation statistics are like no other in the industry

4 seconds: GitGuardian’s Mean Time To Detect

25 minutes: Median Developers’ Reaction Time

<1 hour needed to nullify potential damage

These statistics come directly from our backend!


Defend your developers’ public activity

Auto-discover who your developers are on GitHub, and monitor their public activity anywhere on the platform, especially on repositories you did not know existed!


Reduce attack vectors for hackers

Black hat activity on GitHub is real. Alongside GitHub public activity, GitGuardian is also monitoring organized criminal groups using GitHub as their hunting-ground, and staying ahead of their tactics.


Protect your business from legal fines

Sensitive information leaked on GitHub can expose customer data, lead to large compliance penalties and cause severe damage to your corporate reputation. GitGuardian has your back!


There are no excuses not to get started

Privacy by design - We don’t collect any data from you that is not public.

Up and running in a minute - There is no integration or lengthy set-up needed.

Value delivered right away - You gain instant visibility over your developers’ public activity on GitHub